BIO Sunscreen Facial SPF 30


Usual sunscreens are screen that suffocate our skin with disreputable chemicals, to protect it against burns. The Natural Bioprotector of Puranic is a multiple protection against numerous sun rays that damage, weaken and age skin cells of the body, not only against UVA rays.

Provide moisture to the deeper layers, leaving a smooth and bright skin. In addition, we replace the usual synthetic screens of silicone, and derived plastics using exclusively nutritious BIO Jojoba Oil, Germ oils, Grape oil, and Carrot that give to this  product a natural  Waterproof effect, without congest the skin.

Fast absorbing, prevents the feeling of smoothness in the skin giving a fresh and healthy look. By the comfort of the skin and its high presence of vitamin E (powerful antioxidant), make it ,an ideal product for outdoor sports

Also available a High level protection

Principals Ingredient
Grape seed bio oil, Jojoba and Carrot, Vitamin E and Puranic Complex based on natural active.
How to use
Add 3-5 drops, on the hand and spread onto the face neck and neckline.
Hydrate and protect skin from radiation.
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