About us

El origen de Puranic

The Origin

Puranic was founded in 2008, with the vision of becoming the best answer of Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

Its founders, a naturopathic dermatologist and a biochemist. After 5 years of research its founders developed a unique concept, that translates their passion for  skin, a living, breathing organ.

El origen de Puranic


Puranic defends the need to reconstruct the metabolic functions of the skin and restore its life cycle rather than just seal the trans-epidermal water loss, which is usually the aim pursued by most of the cosmetic treatments in the market.

El origen de Puranic


Through the selection of top quality botanical extracts and bio-natural minerals Puranic creates biocosmetic products combining advanced technology and traditional methods, such as cold glass packaging to preserve the natural properties of the preparations.

El origen de Puranic


The result is a family of biomimetic products that enhance the skin and lead to its self-healing and beauty. Puranic´s products are aimed to be highly specialized facial, body and scalp care for women and men who want to regain balance and radiance of their skin.

El origen de Puranic


Its evolutionary customized cosmetic system listens, educates and supports each skin behaviour case by case, prescribing treatments, and formulating techniques adapted to each particular time of the year and physical circumstances. As a result, their formulations produce a metabolic recovery of the skin that ends up looking full of life while protecting its balance and health.

El origen de Puranic


Puranic helps you attain a better looking, healthier skin while strongly commited to its most important values:

  • Scientific Commitment of the knowledge and continous research of skin and biotechnology.
  • Passion for knowledge of the skin and its healing.
  • Honesty and ethical commitment to the promises delivered.
  • Environmental commitment and absolute respect for nature through finding the best bio natural elements without animal testing and packaging in recyclable glass.
  • Generosity in sharing knowledge and experience through its employees, professionals experts trained, in order to get a skin full of beauty and health in as many people as possible.