Alba Elixir


Intensive, and deep treatment of Depigmentation, illuminating and rejuvenating.

Exclusive botanical active complex with vitamin C and Emblica fruit from Indian make this product a true Elixir of luminosity and youth able to stop blemishes in the skin and giving it, a uniform appearance.The skin will quickly absorb its rich nutrients, without leaving greasy effect.

Principals Ingredients
The Emblica fruit from Indian, and high purity Vitamin C make the complexion shine and protect against premature aging, thanks to its natural antioxidant power. A hypoxic extracted from tubers of African and and Tara tree bark, will stop the overproduction of melanin, equalizing the naturally face.
How to use
After purify and balance the pH of the face. Add 3-5 drops, depending on your skin type. Apply with a gentle massage onto neckline, neck and face until its complete absorption.
A homogeneous skin, removed blemishes, and brightness without limits.