Balancing Elixir


From the depths of nature, and the heart of plants, flowers, seeds and fruits, are extracted the purest principles of this elixir. Travel inward the skin, balancing the surface in a way never seen before. Oxygenating, soothing, moisturizing, all what you need to feel a healthy, fresh, full of life, and balanced skin.

Perfect complement to your daily care and magnificent as a deep and intensive skin treatment. The skin will quickly absorb its rich nutrients, without leaving greasy effect.

Principals Ingredients
Jojoba oil and Calendula, pure Rosemary extract, Lavender and Chamomile in combination with a powerful cocktail of oils essential, Vitamin E, that will act as decongestants, balancing the sebum of the skin, moisturizer and natural antioxidants.
How to use
After purify and balance the pH of the face.Add 3-5 drops, depending on your skin type. Apply with a gentle massage onto neckline, neck and face. Do not use in large areas of the body during pregnancy.
Silky and balanced skin.