Eye Contour


The perfect eye contour treatment is different during the day and by night. Puranic brings to you two specific care in one kit that will lets you to mitigate wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles with the ultimate care and balance, lights up, beautify and gives life to the look, making the tissue stronger.

A real luxury extracted from the heart of nature, the excellence of purest botanical ingredients carefully selected to offer a cocktail of life to your look. The power of elastin and pure vegetable collagen and, wheat protein and peppermint extract, provide elasticity and will decongest during the day.

At night, a tetrapeptide will join Hamamelis Extract and Centella Asiatica to revitalize, drain and rejuvenate the eye contour giving it another dose of additional elastin for the proper development of function of the epidermal cell that will enable a integrate regeneration of the tissue.

Full beauty of a look in a single gesture.

Principals Ingredient at Day
Elastin, Vegetable Collagen, Wheat Protein and peppermint extract.
Principals Ingredient at Night
Natural Moisturizing Factor, Lichen Extract, Seaweed
How to use
Apply an accurate dose  using a roll-on at morning and night.
Decongestant and Rejuvenating.