Hydro-active Treatment


A flood of Natural Moisture will invade your skin with this powerful hidro-protector complex of Puranic. Releases its highly moisturizing properties directly through cells and prevents loss of transepidermal water for hours.

Water quality is the basis of an effective moisturizing complex, that’s why Puranic made Hydro-active Treatment, using only 100% pure waters exceeding inclusively levels of purity found in the depths of the Arctic Ocean.

In addition Puranic, uses a replication of Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin, instead of natural products sealants or silicone. Puranic reinforces your natural hydrolipid film, without replacing it, so in addition to achieving a healthy hydration for hours, it will allow your skin to perform its entire natural metabolic functions and stay active.

Principals Ingredients
Biomimetics replication of Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin, Irish moss, Irish moss and Vitamin E.
How to use
After purify and balance the pH of the face. Apply with a gentle massage onto neckline, neck and face.until its complete absorption.
Fast Absorbing. The skin will be moisturized and protected unsurpassable every day. Restore and balances the natural hydrolipidic layer of the skin.
Sensiserum Option
Our skin may has a tendency to imbalance, If the skin is sensitive, oily, grain, dermatitis or irritation, it is preferable to use the Sensiserum version of this treatment as a way to restore the natural balance.