Magna Elixir


The ultimate beauty treatment to your face.

Skins recover its vitality thanks to cell generation, obtained from the oxygenation of tissue… Natural ingredients act as forerunners of the formation of new collagen and elastin supporting the densification of your face.

A true elixir loaded of full antioxidant power that will make your skin recover its youth and magnificence in an unprecedented majesty process. The skin will quickly absorb its rich nutrients, without leaving greasy effect.

Principals Ingredients
Geranium, Palmarosa, incense, Lavender, Vitamin E. Jojoba, Rosehip oil and a cocktail of firming and energizing essential oils.
How to use
After purify and balance the pH of the face. Add 3-5 drops, depending on your skin type. Apply with a gentle massage onto neckline, neck and face. Do not use in large areas of the body during pregnancy.
A deep biostimulant nutrition skin.