Manuka Milk


Cleaning according to your need, creamy and lighter texture that your skin will appreciate. The Manuka is New Zealand shrub that blooms just 4 weeks a year.Puranic vaporized Manuka white flower in order to obtain its extract and put it, in your hands for a soft, delicate and effective cleaning.

Remove all kinds of pollution and makeup, ensuring the health and beauty of the skin.

It’s biocompatible and respectful; ideal makeup removal without irritating your eyes. Extract of life for your face.

Principals Ingredients
Manuka milk from New Zealand: Manuka shrub with soothing properties.
How to use
Apply with a gentle massage on the face and neck. Remove it, with tissue or water.
Daily use helps the tissues oxygenation and cell regeneration. Soft moisturizing and a deep clean to the skin preparing it for any treatment.