Peeling Cellular Renewal


You will feel how your skin is renewed and load of life. A citrus scent will invade your senses and makes your cell gets load. The skin is renewed thanks to natural fruit acid complex (pineapple, passion fruit and grape) in combination with apricot seeds.

Puranic Peeling is not corrosive to the skin, its achieve exfoliation by disconnecting the intercellular cement that links cell to others.Natural AHAS for an extreme beauty that make the skin shine, ideal to prepare the skin before a treatment.

Principals Ingredients
Pineapple acids, Passion Fruit, and Grape, natural antioxidants that completely eliminate dead cells of the superficial layers with enzymatic action.
How to use
Apply a thin layer of product on the surface to be treated. Wait for 0-5 min depending on the type of your skin. Perform gentle circular motion that allow the action of the seeds.
Clean skin and full of life without corrosive action on the epidermis..