SensiSerum Alba Treatment


Our skin may has a tendency to imbalance, If the skin is sensitive, oily, grain, dermatitis or irritation, it is preferable to use the Sensiserum version of Alba Treatment as a way to restore the natural balance.

This cream allows its powerful ingredients equal your skin giving it a healthy and homogeneous appearance. This combination will stop overproduction of melanin and decrease blemishes of the skin, allowing a fresh and radiant complexion.

Finally a natural treatment that is capable to act onto hyperpigmentation without damage the skin, taking care of the skin health.

In addition Puranic, uses a replication of Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin, instead of natural products sealants or silicone. Puranic reinforces your natural hydrolipid film, without replacing it, so in addition to achieving a healthy hydration for hours, it will allow your skin to perform its entire natural metabolic functions and stay active

Principals Ingredients
Biomimetics replication of Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, hypoxic extracted from African Root, Tara Tree and Emblica.
How to use
After purify and balance the pH of the face. Apply with a gentle massage onto neckline, neck and face.until its complete absorption..
A homogeneous skin, decreased blemishes on face and brightness without limits.