SensiSerum Magna Cream


Sublime, powerful, natural, enigmatic, pure, unmistakable, sophisticated, unique.

The Puranic Magna cream is a creation of clean water, essential minerals and pure extracts. An exclusive selection of the most perfect natural ingredients, a secret formula that transforms matter in cream and leads to its optimum metabolism level of the skin every day.

An unique cream for your whole life.

Principals Ingredients
Natural Moisturizing Factor, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Wheat Protein, Elastin Plant, Marine Collagen, Emblica,Complex natural SPF 20, 10 Vitamins and 8 Minerals.
How to use
Apply an appropriate amount of cream, massaging gently until its complete absorption.
Creates a balance and provides a deep nutrition and proper hydration of your cell. Helps to rejuvenate, tighten and densify the tissues. Independent studies from German Merck labs, conclude that after only eight weeks of treatment, 100% of the volunteers in the study noted a reduction of at least 40% of wrinkles, 30% of the volunteers appreciated a reduction wrinkles of 69% and 15% noted a 100% reduction of wrinkles.