Water Clover Cleanser


Live the experience of a sophisticated and refreshing cleaning with the Water Clover Cleanser of Puranic, that purifies and detoxifies the tissue without dragging most of the hydrolipidic film, segregated by your own skin, and takes days to produce.

Soaps free, not dry, eliminates the feeling of tightness and is extremely respectful your pH.

Never the skin was so fresher and healthier.

Principals Ingredients
Water clover; is an aquatic plant, rich in minerals. Purifies without drying.
How to use
With your clean hands apply 5 taps of the product on your wet face, apply a gentle massage until the appearance of fine foam. Then remove with water.
Decongestant and forerunner the breathing of your skin and cellular origination. Biocompatible with all skin types, it is the ideal and gentle product for a total cleaning before any treatment.