The revolutionary system of custom skin care by Puranic listens, educates and supports the behaviour of each individual skin case. We have developed a series of treatments that prescribe and formulate techniques and treatments tailored to every moment of the year and particular physical circumstances. Through these specific treatments we quickly improve the balance and health of your skin.

El origen de Puranic

Facial Puranas

Deep Purification Purana
A deep cleansing of the skin to restore moisture levels and balance the natural epidermal PH. More than 50 active botanicals help your skin release toxins.
Purana Serenity
A specific treatment for those skins out of balance. Regenerates the natural protective barrier of the skin by restoring the hydrolipid coverage and activating the immune system.
Balancing Purana
A detox in depth to oily skin that will restore the proper function of the sebaceous gland. Corrects brightness and imperfections.
Purana of Eternal Beauty
The excellence of a complete treatment for the most demanding skins seeking timeless beauty. Regenerates and reshapes the facial contours treating wrinkles in depth.
Purana Awakening
A light treatment for skin with vitamins and trace elements for glowing ski, full of life and energy.
Purana Moon Reflection
Treat your skin throughout the year with this corrective treatment of pigmentation disorders. Make your skin regain the uniformity of tone and slow down the appearance of spots.

Body Puranas

Purana Angel Skin
Removes dead cells leaving a moisturized, nourished, radiant and luminous. This treatment is based on fruit acids and natural seeds that intoxicate your senses.
Purana Spring Beauty
A torrent of life and hydration that will repair the tissues and rehydrate your skin to all its beauty and splendor.
Balancing Purana
Prevents stretch marks and promotes reconstruction. Leaves skin nourished, supple and protected.
Purity Purana Earthly
A treatment that offers the richness of the land. Detoxifying, soothing, draining and refreshing, these wraps made of quaternary clays are a cure of purity in contact with nature.
Purana Harmony
The most ancient relaxation techniques make this treatment a unique experience that will transport you to a world of sensations and wellness.
Purana Firming
Enjoy a relaxing treatment while your skin is nourished and regenerated. A firming treatment based on active precursors and collagen regenerators.
Cellulite Reducing Purana
Restore the balance of your body shape with this reducing treatment that makes cellulite diminish.
Purana Temple
A powerful firming and illuminating treatment for the bust. This treatment raises breast tissue and firms neck area.
Purana East
The essence of the Eastern treatments. Enjoy this treatment with warm oils that will transport you to the Arabian Nights regenerating the skin and hair.